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Hand Made Texas Onion Oiler

Hand Made Texas Onion Oiler

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Texas Onion Oiler, use on grill grate to clean and season the grate.  This is an old south Texas grilling tool is great alternative for the griller, as this will fill your BBQ with flavor instead of a chemical residue.  It's all natural! Onions have natural disinfectant qualities. 
When you get through scraping your grates with the onion, don't throw it away... if you're cooking with charcoal or wood, toss into right in the coals when you're finished to add flavor to whatever you're grilling!
Tips:  Make sure grill is hot before you start.  Then you can also dip the onion in an oil (like canola or your favorite grilling oil), or a lemon juice. Approx. 28 inches long. Powder coated black. #GoTexan

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